Night Terror Therapy

by The Actually Does

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One needs a strong heart to wake from sleep. Eyes opened and ears attuned to the world as it is. One needs a strong heart to keep fighting for life, To train a muscle to survive. I can hear you on your way up (you sound beautiful to me), Your ear on my chest, My heart responds to your listening. I can't breathe oh no oh no i apart from you.
Poor Choices 02:18
Ark, wrathful piece, night of the brute awash, alien antarctica, you will not pass me by heaving your berg of shadows without one day my entering your walls and dredging up your armature of sunken winters. You sombre fire spat south, blown, exiled planet, your silent territories shifting sargassos and shaking up the solid ages of the sea. Form throbbed alone, a hugeness sealed by tremors in the world through which would glide your hide of majesty, frightened itself by its own potency and tenderness.
Rubber Stamp 02:24
Breathe Easy 03:01
I know this doesn't help, but I don't know what to say. You're out of control. "Breathe easy," is what I meant instead of what I said before. Anxiety is excitement without proper breath support. Load the gun and get your toe on the mark. Get set and go. Breathe easy.
This is exactly what it is. I've been living in imaginary safety.
Connecticut 03:01
In the car driving home, in a crowd or alone, At work, at school, I need you safe and healthy. Walking down the street, no matter what city. Where do they come from? Do I know any of them? Where do they learn these lessons? Who is teaching them? I know that I need you safe, I know that I need you healthy. Stop this, it can't happen again.


Recorded in the Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, CA.

Fits of sadness.

Remixed in 2016. I miss my father.


released October 13, 2012




The Actually Does Redwood City, California

Redwood City, CA

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